5 Reasons to Sell Your Vacant House in Houston Fast

Posted on 23 March, 2016

Let’s say you just bought your second home and have already moved in, but you need help to sell your first house in Houston.  The original home is now vacant and it’s losing property value, potential buyers and even attention on the market.  Help!  No need to worry—things will work out for your vacant property and for you too!  We are Houston Fast Home Buyers and we buy houses in the Houston and surrounding areas—we’ll even pay cash to take them off your hands.  The longer your house sits vacant and alone, the less likely it is to sell and the more likely it is that the home will have costly problems.  Besides, nobody likes to pay two mortgages at once!  Here are five reasons why you should sell your vacant home in Houston fast.

The holding costs are always increasing
Let’s go back to your first home, you know, the one that’s empty and sitting on the market?  Even though you’re not living there anymore, you still have to pay property taxes, home insurance, and utilities.  The home insurance might be void after 30 days of being empty—which is a scary thought because something could happen to the home that wouldn’t be covered under your insurance anymore.  You still have to pay utilities so the home doesn’t fall apart while no one is living inside.  If you don’t heat the place in the winter, the pipes could freeze and burst.  The longer this house stays empty, the longer you could be paying for something that you don’t want anymore.

Possible vandalism
Vandals are more likely to break into an empty home.  They know no one is around to catch them and they can steal things, like appliances, copper pipe or heating and cooling systems.  They could also damage the home for no reason at all (other than being spineless punks).  But, either way, homes that have had windows shattered and walls kicked in are going to have an even harder time getting sold.  You should plan to protect your home by checking on it frequently, leaving a light on at night, and padlocking the doors.

Rising cost of maintenance and security
The longer the house is empty, the faster problems seem to crop up with heating and cooling, roofing, appliances, and more.  Homes need love and attention—that’s what they were built for.  Every day the structure of the home is deteriorating—and, in your case, you’re stuck paying for it.  You’ll also be responsible for all maintenance to be done on the home, as well as security options, like a security system.

Your property quickly becomes an eyesore
Properties that sit vacant for a long time can start to look run down.  They tend to make the whole neighborhood look bad.  The grass is dead and unkempt, the garden is out of control and the exterior can start looking dilapidated pretty quickly.  That’s why it’s so important to unload your vacant property as quickly as possible.

People don’t buy homes—they buy a lifestyle
It’s hard for buyers to picture themselves and their things inside an empty home.  They can’t visualize how things would look.  Having your home staged is one way to help buyers see the potential your home has.  If I want to sell my house fast, I should consider staging the home to help buyers see all its wonderful perks and not the negative aspects.

Having a vacant property sitting on the market is stressful and expensive.  Why not forgo the nail biting and the constant worry by considering a cash transaction with us?  As cash house buyers, we are your one-stop shop for getting your home sold in Houston.  Give Houston Fast Home Buyers a call today!

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