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FIRE! FLOOD! – How to Sell Your House Fast After a Major Disaster

Posted on 10 February, 2019

Have you been through a major disaster that wreaked havoc on your home? Maybe a flood or fire did extensive damage, and you’re worried about how you’ll find the time or money to make repairs. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you’ll get a check to help cover the majority of the costs – but have you considered the other costs that your insurance won’t cover? For example, where will you live while the repairs are being done? Do you want to hassle with finding contractors you can trust to do the work? And what if some damage goes unnoticed and pops up again years from now?

Major disasters, such as floods or fires, happen all the time, and they can be devastating to the homeowner. For many, there’s just not enough time or resources to get everything back in order after a flood or fire. 

But there is another option – you can file the insurance claim, keep the check, and sell your house fast to a cash buyer. Let’s look at the benefits of selling your home to a cash buyer after a major insurance claim.

Benefits of Selling Your Home Fast to a Cash Buyer

You keep the insurance check, which means more money in your pocket.

Cash buyers accept the home “as is.” They’re willing to purchase the house and make the repairs themselves, taking the hassle and stress off your shoulders.

Selling your house for cash is FAST. When a buyer is paying with cash, the process moves very quickly, with closings typically taking only a few weeks. If your number one priority is sell my home fast, then a cash buyer is the way to go.

There are no inspections or appraisals to worry about, making the process that much faster, easier, and stress-free.

Cash buyers also pay all closing costs, and there are no realtor commissions to worry about either. All of this equals more money in your pocket.

Next Steps

If a disaster hits your home, you must decide if you want to invest the time, money, and effort into getting the repairs done, or if you want to sell your home “as is” to a cash buyer. Remember, even if you repair and remodel the home, you must still disclose that there was flood or fire damage when and if you decide to sell in the future.

Ultimately, selling your home to a cash buyer gives you the peace of mind to put the flood, fire, or other hardship behind you and make a fresh, new start. If you think this might be the best option for you, then give us a call or visit our website – we buy houses!

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